Proper! website launch 2021 …finally

New website launching this month, probably.

Okay, okay... We know it's been a long time coming, but we are happy to officially announce the launch our brand new website.

So our website has been a year in the making, why has it taken you so long you ask? Why haven't you pulled your finger out and launched it sooner? Both valid points and the answer is that fortunately, up until this point we have been far too busy meeting new clients, working on exciting projects and delivering results. It was also very important to us that our website was done Proper! and reflected our brand 100%. We wanted as much input as possible, so rightly or wrongly, we built it ourselves.

Our initial goal is to use this website to introduce people to Proper! and to bring them around to a better way of working. This site will also help to validate some of our wild claims and give us a safe space to show off... just a little 😉

But this is just the beginning, in the future we hope to evolve and grow our site to offer more, be that;

  • Nurturing start-ups with one-to-one sessions and regular Q&A's
  • Offering valuable tips and industry insights to help new designers
  • Creating a space to sell merchandise / personalised branded items

Please explore our site at your leisure and make sure to take a look some of our recent work. If you would like to learn a little more about us, just click here.

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