Is AI taking over logo design?2023-01-19T12:22:59+00:00


Is AI taking over logo design? Can it replace packaging design?

Are actual logo designers (real, professional people), a dying breed in the age of technological 'advancements' such as online logo generators?

We need your help in order to compete with AI logo generators! In the same way that you might deliberately use the manned checkouts at the supermarket, rather than self scanning? You know... to show that the personal touch is still needed, and hopefully help safeguard someone's job!

"Unexpected logo in the bagging area."

This is your brand we are talking about after all, and your logo should be as unique as you are, not just the result of an algorithm or from a pre-determined set of generic designs. The whole point of branding is to find that special something, that not only says what you or your products are about, but goes beyond being just a logo and becomes the keystone in a much larger brand architecture. With the personal approach of employing a graphic designer you can push boundaries and make your own rules so that your brand works across all media.

You get what you pay for

Start-ups often don't have a large budget for designing their logo, and are itching to get their product out there. So when they search online and find so many sites offering the service for free, it's hardly surprising that their heads are turned. Although, even on these sites it is often only free if you choose one of their pre-designed logos, you have to pay if you want an actual designer to look at your logo.

We at Proper, and many other design agencies and freelancers, have reduced rates for start-ups, having been there ourselves we know what it is like. (Although at least we can design our own logo which helps.) We know that the initial branding is often the start of a longer journey with a client, and we know how important it is to get brands and products over the first hurdles and on the right track.

So, being there right at the beginning might not get the dollar/pound signs rolling in our eyes, but who knows what the future will bring? Our job is to make sure that the client gets the logo they want, but also that the brand has been given the time, thought and consideration it deserves. AI logo generators, might not strictly be artificial intelligence but the word artificial seems to resonate for all the wrong reasons.

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Why should I come to a design agency for a logo when I like some of the examples online that would do the job?2021-11-29T13:49:44+00:00

Choice is great but too much choice can also be detrimental. By employing a design agency (like proper!) you will get a more honed in perspective on your company/product. One which considers heritage, provenance, character and most importantly, competition!

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